Cannabis Industry Resources

Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the world, and is on track for further rapid expansion as the policy of prohibition is discarded globally. Now is the time to invest in this flourishing industry: if you are new to the cannabis landscape, below we have curated some resources to help you begin to get acquainted.


Starting a Cannabis Cultivation Business

In this video, Food Farmer Earth meets with the founder of CannaMan Farms to reveal how cannabis cultivators are finding their feet in the legal markets that have taken root.

Published by: Food Farmer Earth

Investing in Public Cannabis Companies

Marijuana – You can Smoke it, Vape it, eat it, or even rub it, but should you invest in it? In this video, James McDonald, CEO/CIO of Index Strategy Advisors answers that question and offers a smart marijuana investment strategy.

Published by: Index Strategy Advisors, Inc.

The Arcview Group: An Investor Network for the Cannabis Industry

This video is an overview of Arcview Group, an investor network for accredited investors who are interested in connecting with innovative startups and learning from experienced cannabis investors.

Published by: The Arcview Group

Useful Links

Activism & Advocacy

Opportunities in legal cannabis only exist because people and organizations have been fighting for decades to change policy at the state and federal levels. Below are a few of these organizations:

Cultivation Industry

The cultivation industry supporting cannabis growers is immensely complex. From indoor hydroponics and aquaponics, to outdoor sungrown, to light-deprivation greenhouses, to probiotic and organic farming, the opportunities related to growing cannabis are numerous. Learn more via these websites:

Cannabis Medicine

The potential for cannabis medicine to treat a variety of different conditions and illnesses has been the primary driving factor behind legalization. More and more physicians around the globe are learning about the benefits of medical cannabis. Here are some resources to learn about cannabis medicine:

Hemp & CBD

Alongside cannabis, an industrial hemp industry has taken root in the US and around the world. From texties to nutrition to biofuel to CBD, hemp is an extremely versatile plant that could revolutionize our economy. Here are some resources related to hemp:

Botanical Extraction

As cannabis markets have launched in the states that passed legalization measures, the rise of popularity of cannabis extracts has been impossible to ignore. While more states enact new laws, this trend will likely continue. Learn about botanical extraction via the links below:

Business & Ancillary Services

In a gold rush, there is a high demand for shovels. There are plenty of opportunities to help support the cannabis industry without directly growing or selling the plant. Here are some of the types of businesses that provide essential support to the cannabis industry: