What happens after I buy a name from Juanadomain.com?

Once payment has been received and verified, we start the domain transfer process. The transfer can take anywhere between 1-8 days, depending on the registrar where the domain is currently registered and the registrar we’re sending it to. Typically, if you choose to use the same registrar where the domain currently resides (all our domains are at Godaddy), the transfer is the quickest since the domain only changes accounts. Which is referred to as a push. If you choose a different registrar, there is an ICANN-mandated waiting period of 5-7 days that starts after the current owner has approved the transfer. In some cases, there is a 60 day transfer hold. In this case you would still take ownership at a Godaddy Account (set up by the buyer) then transferred to your new or existing registrar after the 60 day hold period. During this holding period you are able to fully utilize the domain for your new business.

Since Juanadomain, LLC owns all the domains in our marketplace there is no middleman to deal with allowing for an expedited transfer of ownership. The transfer time can be affected depending on the response time of the buyer and which registrar they wish to keep their domain. We do our best to speed the transfer process by assisting our customers through the various steps of the escrow service to facilitate this communication and to eliminate common roadblocks.