How does Juanadomain, LLC curate its names?

At, we are always reviewing the various niches, advancements, trends and all the characteristics that make for a great cannabis industry name. After years of curating our vast portfolio of premium cannabis domains and watching other companies create their brands, we decided to put together a short list of some of the characteristics that all strong brands seem to share.

Most strong memorable brands share these traits: The overall Length of the domain/brand the shorter the better, use of real words or common expressions, easily pronounceable, simple spelling, no conflicts within the given industry, relevance and authority within it’s given space, longevity (ability to stand the test of time), Uniqueness, and overall retention. Lastly which TLD (Top Level Domain) is used. Dot com is and always will be King, so most of our domains are dot coms. We have chosen a few .co and .la to represent a few of the Cannabis hot spots if your seeking regional authority. Dot co for Colorado and dot la for Los Angeles plus the dot co is gaining popularity and in print looks like company abbreviated.