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Juanadomain.com founder John Magavern created the Juanadomain marketplace to assist new start-ups, investors, advertisers and anyone interested in the cannabis industry the opportunity to acquire both a premium domain as well as a great brand. Having a premium domain is the single most important aspect of launching a successful online business. A premium domain will lend both credibility and authority to your brand as well as establishing immediate name recognition.

“Our domains have been hand selected for their premium quality and offer great potential brands for all niches of the cannabis marketplace. Unlike many of our competitors, we have gone the extra mile by offering both premium domains as well as corresponding logos”. They have both keyword and brandable domains available. “As the owner of Juanadomain.com I knew I wanted to be involved in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. With the federal laws still making it illegal, I liked the idea of entering in to a space where I wouldn’t deal directly with the product. I had dabbled in domains and decided to enter this niche of the market. I am strong advocate of Legalized Marijuana for both the Medical Marijuana market as well as the Adult-Use recreational markets. I am a proud member and supporter of the NCIA’s efforts in making this a reality. It has proven to be successful in treating numerous medical conditions as well as being helpful in PTSD among our Vets. I also believe it has the potential to play a strong role in slowing, and hopefully someday eliminating the Opioid crisis. As for the recreational side, it is my strong opinion that it is far less damaging than the Adult-Use of Alcohol and should be the legal right of any one old enough to vote. Like anything it is all about the individual user and their ability to use it in a responsible manner.”

Owning the best possible domain name for your business is beneficial in every way. A simple domain name that is easy to remember and fits well on a business card or advertisement will initiate the processes of trust-building and customer acquisition. Domain names can be extremely valuable due to the long-term impact they will have on your branding and marketing. They offer a snapshot into the type of business, service or product you are selling and are often your first impression to potential online customers. Since dot-com is the most popular domain extension and so many dot-coms are already taken, many investors and entrepreneurs choose to start with the domain, purchasing a premium dot-com to use as a brand for their new business, giving them a head start on their long-term marketing goals. Some companies also use certain alternative extensions as an ideal branding opportunity based on their region: for example “.co” could serve as a reference to Colorado, and “.la” could serve as a reference to Los Angeles. Deciding which extension is the best fit for your business often comes down to your plans for future growth: if you are looking to build a national brand, dot-com will most likely get you the farthest. However, if you are focused on local business, a domain name extension that emphasizes your region could help you stand out among your competitors.

Juanadomain.com is a proud sponsoring member of the National Cannabis Industry Association

Juanadomain.com is a proud sponsoring member of the National Cannabis Industry Association… aka NCIA. It is time to set this plant free, so that those in need can start benefiting from all its medical qualities. With legalization will come great research and testing and further medical benefits will surely come to light. There are at least 113 cannabinoids within the plant other than just THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol which has Psychoactive effects) & CBD (Cannabidiol which has NO Psychoactive Effects) that we can discover new therapeutic benefits from going forward.

Our Veterans and all those suffering from a multitude of ailments could greatly benefit from the medicinal powers of Cannabis & Hemp. Let our voices be heard so these two amazing plants can be set free. Legalize Cannabis Nationally. These great men and women have served our country and given us the freedom we so enjoy. Let’s watch their back and get this done. God Bless our troops past and present.

Take the time to educate yourself on the proven medicinal benefits of this amazing plant. It could be exactly what you or a loved one needs to address their medical condition(s). It is an all natural alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs treating a wide variety of conditions with far less side effects. With the recent legalization comes proper testing to insure it is free from pesticides and chemical impurities. It is not just the psychoactive THC in the plant that has medical qualities, but the CBD that offers numerous medical benefits. There are a wide range of Cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that work with the endocannabinoid system in our body.

Juanadomain, LLC Founder/CEO John Magavern touring a NYS Licensed Hemp Farm. Juanadomain.com offers great branding opportunities to anyone entering either the cannabis or hemp industry. Where the Cannabis Industry Grows its Brand. Premium Quality Domains and Logos to set you apart from the competition. Command respect right out of the gate with a strong authoritative brand.

Billionaire Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame enjoying the Juanadomain.com t-shirt I gave him. He was sporting a mighty fine suit at the time, but told me he would gladly wear it. We have curated a large selection of domain names that would be ideal for any cannabis startup. If you are looking to start your business off on the right foot, any one of these domains will help you achieve immediate name recognition and keep your brand in your customers’ minds. Browse our available names today and discover your next brand. Hit us up at juanadomain.com and let us be Your Cannabis Branding Gateway!