The cannabis industry welcomes all

From silk Armani suits to shorts and sneakers to jeans and work boots, the cannabis industry welcomes all. We’re a very diverse group from the well-funded venture caps to the struggling farmer looking for new growth opportunities and everyone in between. The cannabis industry offers up great potential to anyone willing to take the leap. There are numerous ancillary businesses where you never even touch the product yet are able to be part of this groundbreaking movement. Cannabis and hemp truly are Earths wonder drugs and we have only just begun to realize all their medicinal powers. Please take the time to educate yourself prior to passing judgement… you just might find yourself desiring the benefits of these two amazing plants. It’s not just hippies getting high anymore. Not that that’s such a bad thing either, like alcohol it is all about using it responsibly as adults. Advocacy through Education I like to say. There is power in numbers, so let your voice be heard whenever possible. It is time to set this plant free, so that those in need can start benefiting from all its medical qualities. With legalization will come great research and testing and further medical benefits will surely come to light. There are at least 113 cannabinoids within the plant other than just THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol which has Psychoactive effects) & CBD (Cannabidiol which has NO Psychoactive Effects) that we can discover new therapeutic benefits from going forward.

Here at Juanadomain, LLC we have chosen to enter the Cannabis Industry via one of these ancillary businesses. In 2016 I decided I wanted to be a part of the rapidly growing Cannabis Industry. Located in New York where the current laws are quite prohibitive, I knew I didn’t want to wait until they changed to enter this arena. So, I decided to enter a sector of the industry where I wouldn’t have any actual contact with the product. Having dabbled in domain names prior, I decided to enter into this niche of the market. With that said, was born. I currently own 1900+ cannabis domains covering all areas of the market from recreational, medical, edibles, extraction, CBD, THC, testing, research, vapes, concentrates and all other relevant businesses within the industry.

I have taken great time and thought in creating this Cannabis Branding Gateway. It was always my desire to stand out from my competition by going the extra mile. Hence, the idea to dress up my domains much like you would dress up a house prior to selling it. How do you dress up a domain? You give it a logo, now creating a Brand. This is the route I have taken at Owning the best possible domain name for your business is beneficial in every way. A simple domain name that is easy to remember and fits well on a business card or advertisement will initiate the processes of trust-building and customer acquisition. Domain names can be extremely valuable due to the long-term impact they will have on your branding and marketing efforts going forward. created our domain market place to assist new start-ups, investors, advertisers and anyone interested in the cannabis industry the opportunity to acquire both a Premium Domain as well as a Great Brand. Having a premium domain/brand is the single most important aspect of launching a successful online business. A premium domain will lend both credibility and authority to your brand. A strong domain also establishes immediate name recognition for your brand or products. Our domains have been hand selected for their premium quality and offer great potential brands for all areas of the cannabis marketplace. A good example of the power of a strong brand and exact match domain would be Extraction King. You could be a new start-up entering this space and with a brand like Extraction King you establish yourself as the King (an expert in this field) right out of the gate. So, if you’re Extraction King you clearly want as your exact match domain. You don’t want to settle for because is already taken. That’s why exact match domains are so valuable. The potential to loss both business, potential leads, and emails to the owner of the exact match domain owner is very real. So always own your Brand!

We have chosen to work with, an industry leader in the online escrow services. They offer a highly secure payment gateway for both the seller and buyer and have become the industry standard. I hope you enjoy my site and I look forward to negotiating with all potential buyers and end users.